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Sea salt has repeatedly "defaced" four years and hundreds of entrepreneurs enter tsinghua "quenching"

The development industry, sea salt is very focused on human factors, and the development of the industry through the cultivation of an enterprising and motivated enterprisers. During the four years, the secretary and the county leader served as the monitorTsinghua training classIt has trained more than 200 backbone entrepreneurs and has become an important force in the development of haiyan industry. How does the sea salt industry get out of the "depression", last nightZhejiang satellite TV news broadcastKeep it up.

Liu shengliang called you out
Walking in the factory area of zhejiang DPM cold extrusion co., LTD., we found that all the cars were outward.
'this is one of his attempts to refine management,' said liu shengliang, general manager of 3d chase. 'the front of the train is all outward, not only neat and beautiful, but also shows the mental state that is always ready.' Liu said that such a small policy would not be well executed even in the first half of the year. Without elaboration management, without the cultivation of industrial people, it is absolutely impossible.

The member of the standing committee of the haiyan county committee, and the standing deputy county of the county,
"Developing industry, the most important person, entrepreneurial ideas alive, and enterprise is alive, and industry can grow. Haiyan now one hundred million yuan more than hundred enterprises and more than 200 backbone entrepreneurs, determines the basis for the development of sea salt industry at present stage, more decides the development direction of sea salt in the future."

Review: perseverance makes great achievement
Four years of training, five years of cultivation and seven years of waiting, haiyan insists that the constant focus of the industrial strong county is worth affirming. As backwardness area, sea salt industry truly unreal, always around the main business, industry and enterprise, by cultivating backbone entrepreneurs, do big leading enterprises, with strong new industry, one step at a time, let the county industry out of the depression, usher in a more broad space for development, from which we can read a seemingly simple, but very real sense, that is to recognize their own advantages, positioning for industry, constantly to do it, just can have big, big development.